Women’s Ministries Team

Women’s Ministries Team

Our Mission

To encourage ministry among the women at CBC

Our Goals

  • To act as a resource and information hub for body-wide women’s ministries
  • To seek volunteers to coordinate specific women’s ministries
  • To encourage the ministry of CBC women to one another
  • As requested by the elders, to convey needs among CBC women that might be difficult for the elders to observe

The Team

  • Sarah C.
  • Debbie D.
  • Sharon G.
  • Rebecca N.
  • Adria W.
  • Debbie W.


Q: Do women need to go through the Women’s Ministries Team to bring something to the attention of the elders?
A: No. The elders look to the Women’s Ministries Team as a central resource for information about women’s ministries and to help reach out to the women of CBC, but the team is not between the elders and the women of CBC. If the concern is specific to a women’s ministry, then it is probably best to start with the team, but women should always feel free to reach out directly to the elders.

Q: I’d like to have a bible study with some women at CBC. Do I need to get approval or coordinate this with the Women’s Ministries Team?
A: No. We expect that women are meeting with each other and ministering to one another without the approval or even knowledge of the Women’s Ministries Team as a part of fulfilling their roles as followers of Christ. If you would just like for us to be aware of a ministry or if you would like to reach out to the general body of women at CBC, then please do reach out to the team.

Q: Is the team responsible for implementing the women’s ministries?
A: No. There are women on the team who have taken on the primary leadership role in various ministries, but this is separate from their role in the team.

Q: What if nobody volunteers to lead a ministry?
A: The team will reach out to the women of CBC to find a volunteer, but if the ministry is biblically non-essential, then the ministry will be dropped for the time being and potentially reevaluated in the future.

Q: I feel that I have something to offer but don’t know how to get involved. What should I do?
A: Please let us know! Almost all of the women’s ministries need “many hands to make light work.” We would love to help get you connected and involved.