The Great Divide–New Book in the Library

The Great Divide–New Book in the Library

Library Note: I recently completed this magnificent book about the animosity between Washington and Jefferson, former friends and founding fathers who became adversaries due to different visions for the new nation. The divergence between their visions is ultimately seen in the later dissolution of the union that resulted in the Civil War. Lincoln’s aim to preserve the union was in accordance with the vision of Washington, whereas the South’s basis for seceding followed principles of Jefferson’s vision.  

Closely allied with Washington was Alexander Hamilton, whereas Jefferson’s allies included James Madison and James Monroe.  

This is an absolutely fascinating account of the early days of our nation and the conflicts between our founding fathers, well written by an outstanding historian.  

It will be added to the library on Sunday, December 20.  

Ron Maness, CBC Library 

The Great Divide: The Conflict Between Washington and Jefferson That Defined a Nation, by Thomas Fleming.  

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