New Books – March 2006

New Books – March 2006

Contending for Our All: Defending Truth and Treasuring Christ in the Lives of Athanasius, John Owen, and J. Gresham Machen, by John Piper (The Swans Are Not Silent #4). These men were fighters for the sake of the deepest truths: Athathasius defended the deity of Christ; the focus of Owen’s vast intellect and expansive heart was communion with Christ, and he battled Christ-belittling errors of the mind and heart with passion and skill; Machen represented Christ in all his fullness with all of Scripture, and exposed liberal Christianity as another religion.

For the Love of India: The Story of Henry Martyn, by Jim Cromarty. Leaving behind friends, family, the prospect of a brilliant academic career, and the woman he loved, Martyn in 1805 set sail on the long and hazardous voyage to India in order to bring the gospel to the peoples of India and Persia. Already showing symptoms of the tuberculosis that had claimed his mother, within a few short years he completed the translation of the New Testament into Hindustani, Persian and Arabic, opened several schools, and brought the message of the gospel to all levels of society.

Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows, by Ravi Zacharias. Autobiography of the renowned Christian thinker and apologist who shares the intimate account of his journey beyond a turbulent childhood and the Eastern culture of his homeland of India, and of the search for truth that sustained him.

Living the Resurrection: The Risen Christ in Everyday Life, by Eugene H. Peterson. The resurrection of Jesus is not simply proof of his divinity, nor is the event something Christians should celebrate on one day of the year and then forget. The resurrection has crucial relevance for our spiritual formation every day. Peterson focuses on three aspects of Christ’s resurrection that define our lives and energize our faith.

Paul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection, by Michael R. Licona. This book imagines a futuristic face-off between two religious heavyweights, each speaking on the validity of their doctrines, forming arguments and rebuttals while citing evidence from the Quran and the Gospel accounts. Ergut Caner says the author has found “the most unique manner of approaching Islamic evangelism…I cannot give this work a higher endorsement”.

Unless You Repent, by Jonathan Edwards. Previously unpublished sermons on the fate awaiting the impenitent.

Why A Suffering World Makes Sense, by Chris Tiegreen. Christianity is unique in its teaching that there is value and meaning to human suffering, and this book explores the ultimate basis for suffering as a revelation of the love and glory of God.

Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading, by Eugene H. Peterson. The author is convinced that the way we read the Bible is as important as that we read it. Rather than reading it for self-serving purposes, he challenges us to read the Scriptures on their own terms, as God’s revelation, and to live them as we read them by responding in prayer and obedience. He says we should read the Bible as if we were dogs gnawing on a bone.

Whatever Happened to Truth? By Andreas Kostenberger, general editor, with R. Albert Mohler, Jr, J.P. Moreland, and Kevin Vanhoozer. Four widely read evangelical scholars have crafted a superb expose and antidote to the mindset and cultural ills of postmodernism and those who accommodate it, while issuing a clear call to remain vitally committed to the truth of God’s revelation in Christ and the Bible.

C.S. Lewis in a Time of War: The World War II Broadcasts That Riveted a Nation and Became the Classic Mere Christianity, by Justin Phillips. The fascinating story of the radio broadcasts that evolved into Lewis’s seminal work, Mere Christianity, and the enthusiastic response they evoked during World War II as German bombs fell on the city of London.

Why I Still Believe: (Hint: It’s the Only Way the World Makes Sense), by Joe Boot. The author invites nonbelievers to step inside the Christian worldview to see whether it provides satisfying answers to life’s ultimate questions.

The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath, by Mark Buchanan. The author says our busyness is killing us, and that the Sabbath principle is our best cure, as he focuses on the beauty of Sabbath, the wisdom of its keeping, and the generosity of God in gifting us with it.

I Saw the Lord: A Wake-Up Call for Your Heart, by Anne Graham Lotz. Based on Isaiah 6, Anne shares the personal revival lessons she learned for those times when our longing for God becomes complacency.

Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics, by Ron Rhodes. Powerful and concise responses to those hard-to-answer questions.

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church, by J. Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt. Spells out the connection between the Bible’s clear complementarian teaching on gender issues on the one hand and, on the other hand, a vigorous and fulfilling role for women’s ministry in the church.

John Calvin: Revolutionary, Theologian, and Pastor, by Williston Walker. Greater than any other Reformation era figure, Calvin stimulated the debate, thoughts, and ideas that have come to dominate Western culture and society. This biography, which was first published in 1906, is still “the best in our tongue”, according to the late Roland H. Bainton.

On Asking God Why: Reflections on Trusting God, by Elisabeth Elliot. Reissue of a 1989 book which offers honest insights into many of today’s most prevalent heartaches, including cancer and death, family issues, loneliness, aging and hopelessness.

Twinkle: Sharing Your Faith One Light at a Time, by Elisa Morgan. Using real-life stories, scriptural insight, and practical advice, the author tells how to practice relational evangelism.

The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self, by M. Robert Mulholland, Jr. The author exposes the false selves that we hide behind and helps us to discover the true self that comes from being hidden with Christ in God. If the goal of the Christian journey is Christlikeness, then we must reckon with the unhealthy ways that we root our sense of being in things other than God.

JOHN PIPER DVDs: Open Their Eyes: Doing What Only God Can Do. The importance of the whole counsel of God in spreading the gospel to this lost and blind world, while realizing that only God can open their eyes to the truth.

COMMENTARIES: Revelation, edited by William C. Weinrich (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, New Testament 12).

Caedmon’s Song, by Ruth Ashby (ages 5+).


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