New Books–May 2014

New Books–May 2014

Complete New Book List

May, 2014

Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me, by Kevin DeYoung. John McArthur says this is a “brilliant, succinct, yet thorough study of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture”.

Calvin on the Christian Life: Glorifying and Enjoying God Forever, by Michael Horton (Theologians on the Christian Life). Offers fresh insights in John Calvin’s personal piety and practical theology by allowing Calvin to speak in his own words. Drawn from his commentaries, sermons, letters and his famous Institutes.

How God Became Jesus: the Real Origins of Belief in Jesus’s Divine Nature-A Response to Bart D. Ehrman, edited by Michael F. Bird. With five internationally established scholars as their guides, readers will get a first-hand tour of how early Christians came to worship Jesus as divine. At the same time, the book offers a response to historian Bart Ehrman’s book, How Jesus Became God, in which Ehrman denies that Jesus’s earliest disciples believed He was divine or that Jesus saw Himself as divine; rather, Ehrman claims Jesus’s divinity was an invention of the later church.

When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up, by Jamie Janosz. The stories of eight historic, ordinary but faithful women at the dawn of the 20thcentury, who were called to serve God where they lived and worked. They risked their safety and reputation, but changed the world forever: Fanny Crosby, Evangeline Booth, Emma Dryer, Amanda Smith and four others.

HISTORICAL NON-FICTION: The Cost of Liberty: The Life of John Dickinson, by William Murchison (Lives of the Founders). New biography of the most neglected and least understood of the Founders of our nation, by the former editor of the Dallas Morning News. Dickinson was a principled man whose gifts as writer, speaker and philosopher only Jefferson came close to matching. He is remembered mostly for refusing to sign the Declaration of Independence, because he opposed independence at that particular moment, even though he knew that would be a great blow to his once-great reputation. But he immediately took up arms to serve the colonial cause, something only one signer of the Declaration did; Rescue of the Bounty: Disaster and Survival in Superstorm Sandy, by Michael J. Tougias and Douglas A. Campbell. The Bounty was a tall sailing ship built for the 1960 movie, Mutiny on the Bounty. But in 2012, it sailed into the path of Hurricane Sandy and sank; this is the story of the incredible rescue operation mounted by the Coast Guard in the midst of the storm in which all but the Captain and one crew member were rescued.

Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews, by Abdu H. Murray, with Foreword by Josh McDowell. Murray examines the three major worldviews of secular humanism, pantheism, and Islam, and compares each to the central message of Christianity.

How the West Won: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity, by Rodney Stark. In this “page-turning, myth-busting history”, acclaimed author Stark shows exactly why Western civilization triumphed over other cultures—and why we all should be thankful it did. Stark is Professor of Social Sciences at Baylor University.

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms, by Gloria Furman.

Joy for the World: How Christianity Lost Its Cultural Influence and Can Begin Recovering It, by Greg Forster, with foreword by Tim Keller. The author says the key to Christianity regaining its cultural influence is Spirit-produced joy in God and His gospel.

Day of War andCovenant of War, by Cliff Graham (Lion of War #1 and #2). New biblical fiction series based on David’s mighty men in 2 Sam 23 and 1 Chron 11. The first volume is based on Benaiah and the second on Eleazar. Matt Chandler of Dallas’ Village Church said he doesn’t usually read fiction, but he devoured this series. It has already been selected for a major motion picture franchise.

True Beauty, by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre. The authors help us to see God’s pattern reflecting the beauty of Christ first and foremost, but also in our bodies and fashions and other areas of life where beauty for its own sake tends to be a temptation.

Mimosa: A True Story, by Amy Carmichael. The dramatic story of a Hindu child who heard of God’s love for her, and trusted in Him through years of persecution and adversity. Amy Carmichael, who was born in Ireland, had a ministry for children in India from 1895 until her death in 1951.

The Pure Flame of Devotion: The History of Christian Spirituality: Essays in Honour of Michael A.G. Haykin, edited by G. Stephen Weaver, Jr and Ian Hugh Clary. Covers the Early Church and Medieval Period, Reformation and Puritans, Evangelical and Modern, and Baptists. Highly recommended by Justin Taylor, Al Mohler, Thomas Kidd and others.

Slogging Along in the Paths of Righteousness: Psalms 13-24, by Dale Ralph Davis. Drawing fresh devotional truths from the deep well of the biblical text. This short book of expositions is the second installment from the Psalms.

Recovering Redemption: A Gospel-Saturated Perspective on How to Change, by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer. Because you have been redeemed through Jesus Christ, real change is possible.

Beyond the River Chebar: Studies in Kingship and Eschatology from the Book of Ezekiel, by Daniel I. Block. The essays in this volume cover the theme of Kingship—both Ezekiel’s assessment of Judah’s historical kings and his hope for a restored Davidic King/Prince—and his mysterious visions concerning Gog’s attack on restored national Israel (Ezek 38-39) and the new temple (Ezek 40-48).

Portrait of Integrity: The Life of Ray C. Stedman, by Mark S. Mitchell. Biography of one of the great Bible expositors and spiritual leaders of the 20thcentury; Stedman, a DTS alumnus, was the long-time pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, CA.

COMMENTARIES/BIBLE STUDIES: 1 Corinthians, by Preben Vang (Teach the Text Commentary Series).

ADULT FICTION:When Jesus Wept andTake This Cup, by Bodie and Brock Thoene (Jerusalem Chronicles #1 and #2); The Last Bride, by Beverly Lewis (Home to Hickory Hollow #5); Silenced, by Dani Pettrey (Alaskan Courage #4); Seasons of Tomorrow, by Cindy Woodsmall (Amish Vines and Orchards #4); Bridge to Haven, by Francine Rivers.


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