New Books—August 2019

New Books—August 2019

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                                                                       August, 2019 

One Faithful Life: A Harmony of the Life and Writings of the Apostle Paul, by John MacArthur. Weaves together the apostle Paul’s epistles to the early church against the background of the Gospels and the dramatic story of Paul’s life as told in the book of Acts. Includes not only the biblical text, but verse-by-verse explanations and section introductions and commentary. The result is a complete harmony and chronological study of Paul’s life and writings.

Beyond the Golden Door: Seeing the American Dream Through an Immigrant’s Eyes, by Ali Master. New autobiographical book by former CBCer Ali Master who previously attended CBC along with his wife Judy and her parents (the Fox family). Ali is a former Pakistani Muslim, and in this book discusses his immigration to the US, his education and business success here, and his conversion to Christianity. Bob Deffinbaugh recommended the book in a very positive review for

In Search of the Common Good: Christian Fidelity in a Fractured World, by Jake Meador, with Foreword by Tim Keller. Common life in our society is in decline, and our public discourse is polarized and hateful. Meador diagnoses our society’s decline as a failure of a particular story we’ve told about ourselves: the story of modern liberalism, which has led to our collective loss of meaning, wonder, and good work. He then recovers each of these by grounding them in a different story—a story rooted in the deep tradition of the Christian faith.

Paul vs James: What We’ve Been Missing in the Faith and Works Debate, by Chris Bruno. Tom Schreiner says: “Chris Bruno has shown in this very accessible but profound book that James and Paul agree in their theology of justification. Bruno demonstrates that faith and works in both James and Paul are not enemies but friends, but at the same time he carefully explains what Paul and James mean by the key terms faith, works, and justification. I am confident that many will come to a clear understanding of how Paul and James fit together by reading this work”.

Five Views on the Extent of the Atonement, edited by Adam J. Johnson (Counterpoints). Included in the presentations are the traditional Reformed view by Michael Horton and the Wesleyan view by Fred Sanders. Other views include the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Barthian Universalist.

Final Word: Why We Need the Bible, by John MacArthur. The Bible is under attack from all sides. Unbelievers denounce it as backward and intolerant, and even some professing Christians deny its truth in order to gain approval from the culture. In the face of ever-changing cultural trends, the church needs to boldly proclaim the eternal relevance and ever-green applicability of the Word of God.

God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel, by Costi W. Hinn. Through a remarkable and fascinating journey, Costi Hinn went from a next-generation prosperity preacher to the first to abandon the family faith and share the true gospel. Nephew of the world-famous televangelist, Benny Hinn, Costi had a front-row seat to the inner workings and theology of the prosperity gospel. But as Costi’s faith deepened, so did his questions about prosperity teaching. As the deceptions in his past were exposed, Costi came face to face with the hypocrisy and devastation caused by his belief system, and the overwhelming truth about the real Jesus Christ (NOTE: This is a different book from Defining Deception, which Costi co-authored, and which was added to the library a few

months ago).

COMMENTARIES: The Second Book of Samuel, by David Toshio Tsumura (NICNT). Completes Tsumura’s 2-volume commentary series on Samuel.

ADULT FICTION: Fragments of Fear, by Carrie Stuart Parks.

CHILDREN’S AUDIOS ON CD: Five albums of Adventures in Odyssey from Focus on the Family (The Ultimate Road Trip; Camp on It; Under the Surface; Up in the Air; Expect the Unexpected). Each album has several hours of audio adventures