New Books–September 2019

New Books–September 2019

                                                           Complete New Book List

                                                                 September, 2019 

Unlikely Converts: Improbable Stories of Faith and What They Teach Us About Evangelism, by Randy Newman. We’ve all met people who don’t seem approachable with the idea of the saving grace of the cross. But what if they are exactly the ones who teach us the most about evangelism. This book shares surprising stories of faith that testify to the unstoppable power of the gospel. David Mathis of Desiring God says “few combine the heart for the lost, the patient ear, and the tongue of grace like Randy”.

Biblical Spirituality, edited by Christopher W. Morgan (Theology in Community). A biblical theology of biblical spirituality. In a time when the word “spirituality” is a contemporary buzzword, used even by atheists, this book presents a biblically based, theologically deep, and historically informed Christian examination of spirituality. A world-class team of scholars take us through the OT, NT, great themes such as holiness, and the heritage of evangelical spirituality, along with practical implications.

The Whole Armor of God: How Christ’s Victory Strengthens Us for Spiritual Warfare, by Iain Duguid. The Christian life is a battle, and we are in a daily struggle against the world, sin, and Satan. But God didn’t leave us to fend for ourselves. His gave us his own armor—the armor that Jesus has already worn on our behalf all the way to the cross. This book unpacks each of the pieces of spiritual armor that Paul describes in Ephesians 6. As Sinclair Ferguson says: “the armor God supplies for us are not ideas dreamed up by the apostle Paul, but were deeply embedded in the long narrative of the OT. And he knows that the Lord Jesus himself faced the enemy and field-tested the armor for us”.

Free of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not About You, by Sharon Hodde Miller. Our me-centered culture with its emphasis on the self-centered life robs our joy and shrinks our souls. Miller shows us how self-focus sabotages seven areas of our lives, and invites us into a bigger Jesus-centered vision that restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more.

Not Home Yet: How the Renewal of the Earth Fits Into God’s Plan for the World, by Ian K. Smith. Explores the themes of creation and new creation, and the relation of our present earth to the new heavens and new earth promised in the Bible. Beginning with the creation of the heavens and earth and ending with the New Jerusalem, the storyline of Scripture reveals God’s commitment to the physical world that he created. Our final destiny is not some disembodied heavenly existence but rather life with God on a renewed and transformed earth. And the author shows how this understanding of our future home affects our lives today—what we do in and to our present physical world. Highly recommended by Sinclair Ferguson.

A Good Old Age: An A to Z of Loving and Following the Lord Jesus in Later Years, by Derek Prime, with Foreword by Alistair Begg. Pastor and Bible teacher Derek Prime, himself in his 80s, guides us through 26 Christian priorities that we should hold onto in later life as we navigate the unique challenges and joys that old age can bring. Recommended by Sinclair Ferguson, who says “the value of these pages goes beyond just encouraging senior citizens”.

The Power of God’s Names, by Tony Evans. Shows that the nature of God is revealed to us through the names of God. Who is God in His fullness? How has He expressed His riches and righteousness? How can you trust His goodness? As we get to know the names of God and understand their meaning, we get a fuller understanding of His character.

COMMENTARIES: Ephesians: An Introduction and Commentary, by Darrell L. Bock (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries). For many years, the entry on Ephesians in the Tyndale NT series was by Francis Foulkes, who issued a revised version in 1989. This new 2019 commentary by Darrell Bock will update this excellent series of evangelical shorter-length commentaries which are ideal for church libraries.

ADULT FICTION: The Killing Tide, by Dani Pettrey (Coastal Guardians #1); Vow of Justice, by Lynette Eason (Blue Justice #4); Deadly Intentions, by Lisa Harris.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS: Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We are adding the complete nine book series of this well-known juvenile book collection.